How To Choose a Camera for Beginners

How To Choose a Camera for Beginners

How To Choose a Camera for Beginners

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In this time i will share about How To Choose a Camera for Beginners. After reading the article Tips How To Become a Photographer and you are confused want to buy a camera that is like what? I will give you tips on Choosing a camera for beginners :)

Adjust Budget

Maybe you have a mediocre budget to choose which camera would you choose. As a beginner in photography, it is advisable to choose a DSLR camera that is not so expensive with features that are not so complicated. Moreover, given the fast-paced technological developments, making you have to replace the camera as needed next few years. Then so was reliably, you can replace a sophisticated camera.

Note Sensor

There are several categories of the camera sensor, but is generally divided into three sizes, namely fullframe, APS-C and Four-Thirds. The sensor is full frame sensor DSLR camera that uses the same size as the size of the analog film. What you see in the viewfinder, the picture is like that. For APS-C sensor with a cheaper price and this light has a smaller sensor size so that no part of the photo is cropped. While the sensor is a trend today, Four-Third has the smallest sensors than others. Because most small, body sensor will be lighter if taken without compromising image quality.

Example of a full frame sensor: Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D600, Nikon D700, Nikon D800, Nikon D4, Sony A99.
Examples sensor APS-C crop sensor: Canon 600D / 650D / 60D / 7D, Nikon D3000 / D3200 / D90 / D7000, Sony A390, Sony SLT A37 / A57.
Examples of Four-Thirds sensor: Canon EOS-M, Fuji XE-1, Nikon J1 / V1, Olympus EPL / EPM / EP, Panasonic GF, Sony NEX.

Camera resolution

Know your camera function will advance. Do you want to print large size. If yes, it is advisable to buy a camera with a resolution DSLR for beginners great camera. Resolution is the density dots to form images. So with great resolution will not make photo rupture if printed.


This becomes an important feature for you are a beginner in choosing a DSRL camera. ISO will be needed if shooting in the dark or low light. ISO deals with the sensor sensitivity to light. The greater the ISO in setting the more sensitive the camera and of the light that is obtained.

Shutter Speed

You like to watch live sporting events? Or maybe your beloved singer concert? Well, beginner DSLR camera will be superior in terms of compact cameras shutter speed. And do not forget to continue to study the techniques in selecting the appropriate shutter speed.

Image Stabilization

Typically, as a beginner in the world of photography, hand still feels stiff and have an effect on the images. Before choosing a DSLR camera for the beginner, you should consider the features image stabilization or anti-shake system. This will reduce the effects of shake.

Auto Focus

The speed of the camera to capture a moment with minimal light into one of the advantages of DSLR camera than a smartphone camera or pocket cameras. Find info that can perform fast autofocus and has many AF points before buying a DSLR camera for beginners.

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