Tips How To Become a Photographer

Tips How To Become a Photographer

Tips How To Become a Photographer

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In this time i will discuss about simple tips to become a photographer. Remember, I'm just a beginner in photography, but not anything right when sharing?
Photography is not just for certain circles, photography is for all people. For the following basic photography tips for beginners who want to start his art photography:

1. Camera

Tips How To Become a Photographer Camera


The camera device is the main weapon in the art of photography. Currently, some companies have issued products very custom, ranging from package sold for beginner classes, such as the Nikon D40 to the professional classes such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. So the price is becoming wider range. But for those of you who have not been able to buy a camera, can be tricked by borrowing or joint. Terms basis of the existence of this device is intended to allow you to get to know and practice the basic techniques of photography.

2. Introduction of Basic Technique

Tips How To Become a Photographer basic


Basic techniques that must be mastered as your first step to his art / hobby photography is Deep Of Field (DOF), Silhouette, Backlight, Photo Outdoors (ideal conducted between the hours of 07:00 to 10:00), Composition.

3. Insights

Tips How To Become a Photographer basic


To better follow the development of photographic techniques, it helps you to always update your insight through magazines, exhibitions and photography community (eg:

4. Practice

Tips How To Become a Photographer basic


Yup, The higher you fly clock in using your camera, the more reliable the photos of your shots. You can do this by hunting to different objects so as not boring, such as colonial buildings / traditional (composition), field / rural (landscape), market (human interest) or the beach (silhouette).

So tips from me, thank you!

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